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"This is slowly becoming my new favourite brand. Everything about Black Ivory Apparel and Boutique is incredible - from their statement pieces, to their stance on sustainability; I can't show my support here enough!"

Charlotte V.

“Elegant & premium quality, as always. I adore the elegant yet simplistic designs of the formal wear."

Anne L.

“Love this online clothing and apparel app! I ordered a Nicole Lee purse and it is amazing. If you're looking for a bigger size purse/handbag this is the one to get. Delivery is fast and you can also track it. Will be ordering other things real soon.”

Zena H.

“So Soft, I really love this sweater and how soft the fabric is. It's great quality.”

Johanna S.

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  • Get To Know Us

    Get To Know Us

    Welcome to Black Ivory Apparel and Boutique, your premier destination for expressing your unique fashion sense. Established in 2019 in San Antonio, Texas, we are committed to offering top-notch, exclusive styles from our boutique and soon-to-launch fashion house. Our core values revolve around reliability, stellar customer service, and affordability.

  • What We Strive For...

    What We Strive For...

    Driven by our passion for fashion, we are dedicated to evolving into a thriving online store, where everyday attire transcends into an artistic statement. Aspiring to become the quintessential symbol of style for generations to come, we invite you to explore our carefully curated collections with as much excitement as we have in presenting them to you.

  • Black Ivory Apparel & Boutique | Upgrade Your Style

    Our Mission

    At Black Ivory Apparel and Boutique, our mission is to empower women to embrace their unique style essence. Through our carefully curated selection of tops, pants, dresses, sets, and more, we strive to offer versatile and trendy fashion options that allow every woman to express her individuality with confidence. We are committed to providing exceptional quality, unparalleled customer service, and a shopping experience that inspires creativity and self-expression.

  • Body Your Style Essence

    Body Your Style Essence

    Our motto, 'Body Your Style Essence,' inspired by the wisdom and grace of elephants. Our Brand encapsulates our dedication to helping women celebrate their bodies and showcase their personal style with flair and elegance.